September 22nd , 2017

Salvete Omnes,

I am so excited for another year at Pierce Park and I am thoroughly looking forward to the great things that will happen this year! Many students have asked about Latin Club. I am sending out this letter to gauge what works best for everyone.  Latin Club will meet twice a week from 3:15-4pm (sometimes it may run until 4:15)  starting the week of October 3rd, 2017.

During this time the students will be diving into bits of transcription and translation along with a large historical piece. We will also be writing book! This year we will begin writing the book in November and work on it until May. We will also be focusing on more vocabulary this year during Latin Club. In order to focus on vocabulary we will be playing games and creating vocabulary games. For the historical pieces we will be working our way through the social life of the Romans.

Attached below is a sheet that you need to send back to me with your student’s information. You will need to copy and paste the information below into an e-mail, fill it out and send it back to me at by October 7th, 2017.


Magistra Amanda Steelsmith

What you’re agreeing to: I am allowing my child to stay after school for Latin Club every Monday and Friday beginning on October 10th, 2017. This form needs to be brought back to Mrs. Steelsmith  by September 30th, 2017 —with a parent’s signature!

Student’s Name:________________________


Parent Signature:______________________


Days That Work Best (Please Circle):

           Monday                    Tuesday                   Wednesday                  Thursday                  Friday